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Penny Jenkins - CEO (Ret.)
Council on Alcoholism and Drug
Abuse (Santa Barbara County)
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YouTube for 33 minutes: Click here
  Penny Jenkins, recently retired CEO of the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (CADA) in Santa Barbara County, California. She built the independent agency over the past 28 years from only 8 employees, no facilities, and an annual budget of $180,000 to the current 100+ employees, $10 million in facilities, and an annual budget of $5 million serving over 30,000 people in need. The goal of the council is to build a safer, healthier community by preventing and treating alcoholism and drug abuse in Santa Barbara County through a series of education and public awareness programs. Go to to listen either to the audio or YouTube versions. She talks about current societal conditions, particularly for young people, her reasons for devoting her life to helping others, and how she financially built the CADA powerhouse.

Here is a partial list of awards in Santa Barbara that Penny Jenkins has earned:
" 1993 Woman of the Year award
" 1993 Woman of Distinction award
" 1999 Westmont Medal
" 2001 Woman's Economic Ventures Outstanding Woman award
" 2005 Community Health Care Hero award
" 2008 Lifetime Achievement award
" 2014 Businesswoman of the Year award